Wish It Were That Easy

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Earlier this year, I wandered into Real Guitars in San Francisco, and miraculously found, on consignment, the exact sort of bass guitar I had been looking for, in vain, on the internet. A strange recipe — headless Steinberger style, fretless, with inlaid lines where the frets would be. Perfect for exploring just intonation, and great on stage. Icings on the cake: it’s a very well made┬ácustom job by SF luthier Dan Ransom, it’s brown wood instead of the usual glossy black finish, and I got a good deal.

I occasionally sing with this as my only instrument. Here’s a recording of Wish It Were That Easy, just fretless bass and voice. This is my initial sketch track, and as with the other songs, I’ll flesh it out and publish as I go.

2 Responses to “Wish It Were That Easy”

  • John Brady Says:

    I’ve often thought of composing with just bass note and melody, just to assess if it works without “embellishments”; this one works!

    • Gary Says:

      Thanks, John! Seems to me bass and voice can be complete music — the bass takes care of rhythm and harmonic structure, the voice melody. I’m adding other instruments now, hope to post in a couple of days.

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