New website, new video

Shortly after the previous post (in April!), I decided to arrange my song Flying Dream in strict just intonation, and make a stop-motion video showing how the notes move in harmonic space.

What a project it turned out to be! About half my work life for about five months. And really educational — I figure I spent about two hours on each second of the final product. Talk about slow motion! It’s like musical Tantra — you really get to know a song when you go that slow.

When I finally finished the video, I felt it was important enough to start a new webste, and use it as the introduction. I’m proud to invite you to visit

I haven’t steadily posted to Dinoklaxia. With the new one, I’m consciously invoking blog discipline. I plan to write a post pretty much every day. The Flying Dream video will serve as a focus for discussions of just intonation, the lattice of fifths and thirds, and the model of consonance I’ve worked on this past year.

I hope you’ll follow me over there!

I’ll leave this site up for a few months; please feel free to download any audio files you’d like to keep or pass along.

See you at!


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