I have a MySpace Page.

Steve Key has a circuit of remarkable songwriter showcases all over the Central Coast of California.

I have been a visual artist for almost as long as I’ve been singing. Some of my work in bronze, clay and multimedia is displayed online here and here.

Lloyd Baggs and I co-invented the popular M1 pickup for acoustic guitar, and I’ve played a major role in designing most of L.R. Baggs‘ product line. I was Lloyd’s chief engineer for 11 years, and I’m proud to have worked with this excellent company for over two decades.

I was once in a band called the Killer Beets. My wife Shellah was the singer, and I played bass and guitar. She has a few clips from those days on her website, including a goosebump-inducing “Summertime,” a 5-minute band demo, and some Dickens Carolers!