Virtual CDs

In 2007, Radiohead decided to release their “In Rainbows” CD for download, and they did not put a fixed price on it — just asked the listener to pay whatever they thought was fair. It worked very well. According to UK music digest Record of the Day, about a third of people downloaded for free, and the average paid was about $8.

I really like this model, and I’ve used it at my shows ever since. I’ve decided to make my CDs available here for download, with the same deal: You pay what you want to. That cheerfully includes zero, go for it and enjoy!! Actually since I haven’t worked out the Donate button yet, the only option is zero … awww, too bad. I’ll let you contribute soon. 🙂

I’m starting with Flying Dream, and I plan to get One Good Night and Lifeline up soon. The music is available only as separate tracks. All the files are in MP3 format, and the lyrics are PDFs. Just click on the title to listen, the “lyrics” button to view. You can download any of the music or words with a right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac).

Physical CDs are available for Flying Dream and One Good Night; I know of a few vinyl (!) copies of Lifeline if you’re interested. Please let me know through the Contact page of this website and I will take care of you.

No further ado, here’s the music!

Flying Dream